Why not stay in the European Union?

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1. Among the strongest Economic Markets in the World

About half of world trade takes place in the European Economic Area. Germany is regarded as the economic engine, providing access to the growth markets of its European neighbours and in addition has its own strong domestic market.

2. Good infrastructure

The European Union can easily be positioned among the top logistics hotspots worldwide. This can also be seen in transport infrastructure, communication and energy networks. As a result, entrepreneurs in the Eu enjoy strong connections and punctual deliveries.

3. High Level of qualification of the workforce

Almost half of the German population obtains the highest school leaving certificate – the Abitur. This enables access to higher education. About half a million people graduate with an academic degree every year.

4. Numerous grants for Companies

The European Union is steadily growing. In order to be a leader in the global digital transformation, companies are supported by numerous foundations.

5. Worldclass Quality of life

Food, housing and medical care – all at relatively low cost. The EU is an attractive destination for international professionals due to the wide range of cultural, sporting and natural attractions.

You are responsible for a company located in Great Britain and fear the still unclear consequences of your departure? Would you like to stay in the EU single market? We cannot make the decision for you, but we can advise you! Ask us for an appointment and we will help you to find the best way for you.


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